The Vow

The Vow

I broke the vow. Now, I’m stuck in between this life and the next.

Doomed to wander aimlessly, needing no food nor water nor shelter, desiring nothing and completely invisible. Yet, still bound to the physical world.

I see the living all around me, but I can’t communicate with them. Unlike other apparitions, I can’t knock things over or make the windows rattle. Nothing responds to my touch.

The wound on my neck never heals. It drips, leaving a trail of invisible blood everywhere I go.

You see, I vowed, with the blood of my soul, never to commit suicide. Then I did.

After I slit my throat, I expected nothingness. I craved it, actually. I yearned to not exist.

Instead, I was greeted by an angel.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” the angel said with a stern look on her face.

She then explained what the rest of my existence would consist of – being in between the living and the dead, interacting with neither, never knowing the next step and never being able to live again.

I asked her if there was any forgiveness for my transgression. She replied, “You created this outcome when you drafted a contract then signed it with the blood of your soul. You are the creator of your destiny.”

And that was that. She disappeared. That was the last time I interacted with anybody.

My vision is in dull greys. Gone are the vibrant colors of life.

I have no home in which to reside. I have no sleep to give me rest.

I only wander.

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